Fletch's Deviled Eggs

Over the weekend I managed to work hard and play a little! My good friend Amie invited me to the lake so after spending the morning with out of town clients I escaped to the lake for a few hours. Normally Dan and I are the hosts so it was nice to be a guest and just relax. After a late lunch at the Cabana we headed north to our friend's Lisa's house. We all got a noodle and floated and talked until we were all wrinkled. Lisa and Pete were sweet and offered us to stay for dinner. There's something about the Greek community where they just make you feel so welcome, like part of the family. We enjoyed pork tenderloin, Greek potatoes, green beans, salad and delicious home-made peach ice-cream. While the meat was on the grill we grazed on appetizers. The deviled eggs were the best I've ever had. Seriously, the best! Lucky for me Annie Fletcher Leslie...aka 'Fletch' was amongst the women in the kitchen so I was able to chat and get the family secret recipe. Fletch is Lisa's mom and she's adorable. She tells me here secret is the blender. She blends all ingredients together until smooth. You taste sweet pickle without the little bits and onion too but just the flavor, not the chunks. Of course she couldn't tell me the amount of anything as she just 'eyeballs' it. I'm going to give it a try and I hope you do too!

mayo (Duke's or Aldi's brand)
Sweet pickle relish
Onion, grated
salt and pepper

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